The Saas Perspective Twitch Stream

I’ve meant to make a page like this for over a month now, but on the podcast, I (Don) have mentioned several times that The Saas Perspective has a Twitch streaming channel (although I’m the only Saas to actually put any streams up so far) where we stream ourselves playing video games and we welcome any of our regular readers/listeners to become viewers of the Twitch channel. I haven’t made this page until just now because I hadn’t been able to figure out how to make a page that has both an embed of my Twitch channel (which will only be live when the streams are actually occurring) as well as the embed of my Youtube feed where I upload the videos as I finish playing them (hoping that I don’t have any problems with my streaming/recording software). I’ve played a large selections of games on the channel so far including Spelunky, World of WarcraftHearthstone, FTL, and others. Enjoy!

(The top video [i.e. the one with DC’s Booster Gold as the background 90% of the time] is the Twitch stream. The bottom video is the regularly updated playlist of the games I’ve streamed and have subsequently uploaded to Youtube)

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