The Saas Perspective Podcast

Hello, everyone. And welcome to The Saas Perspective, America’s hottest new podcast devoted to one of America’s favorite obsessions, the movies. Each week, hosts Don Saas and Trevor Saas dive into an exciting examination of hidden cinematic gems, current Hollywood blockbusters, and a panoply of other cultural events worth talking about.

The Saas Perspective is broken into three segments. In the first segment, Digging Deep, Don Saas recommends a film that he finds to be an under-appreciated and criminally unknown film to Trevor. Trevor watches it that week and the pair discuss. In the second segment, This Week’s Hot Saas, Trevor and Don discuss a current major cultural event, whether that’s a blockbuster movie, a popular new video game, or a hot new album. And, in the final section, which doesn’t have a name, the pair take the opportunity to discuss the cultural touchstones they’ve been consuming that week which generally becomes a chance to talk about any movies, TV, music, etc. that doesn’t fit into the other two segments that we’ve been watching recently.

Occasionally, we’ll have special guests joining us when Trevor and Don want another voice adding another layer to the program. We want to thank the band Stenders for allowing us to use their song “21 Cm” line as our opening and closing tune and Matt Janas for being an awesome producer for the series.

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