The Saas Perspective: Episode 68 (4/19/2015)


If you’re remotely observant, you might notice a bit of a… dissonance between the date we recorded this podcast in the title of this post and when it’s going up. If your first thought was, “Man, that was like a month ago,” you’d be correct. We have some sad news here at the Saas Perspective but I imagine many of you might have seen it coming. We’ve talked about it as a possibility for a while now. The Saas Perspective is going on an indefinite hiatus. Ever since I moved to NYC to becoming the Managing Editor of Baeble Music, I’ve had very little free time. Between the Baeble work (which is 44 guaranteed hours in the office a week plus one or two concerts a week which essentially takes away my whole evening if it’s a weeknight) and my GameSpot work (which ranges from no work at all to 25 hours a week), I haven’t had the time to do any of my personal writing or watch the movies I’ve had at home from Netflix for over a month now or go out and enjoy this massive city that I’m living in. Since I’ve moved to NYC two months, I’ve done three “for fun” things that weren’t going to concerts for work (which I fortunately love) that involved leaving my apartment. And Trevor has also become busier with the boardgame league and his stained glass work. Between the two of us and our busy schedules, it’s become increasingly impossible for us to find time to coordinate our schedules so we can record together, and that doesn’t even get into finding time for the often upwards of five hours worth of content that we’re consuming in order to discuss for the podcast. So, we’re leaving you (for now; perhaps the podcast can be resuscitated in some magical period in the future where I only have a single job) with our final podcast which we didn’t know was the final one at the time. It’s The Professional and the season premiere of Game of Thrones. And thanks so much everyone who listened to us rant and ramble for the last year and a half.


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