SCBGL: Weapons, Beers and Gold! Oh m….screw you Caverna.


BURN IT! BURN IT ALL!!! Stupid weapons and combination of weapons associated parlors and chambers ruining my short lived winning streak of a single game. This is what happens when you play Cavenra with the Game Owner (he actually does own this game), and when you don’t have much of a predetermined strategy going into the league match.

If you weren’t following along during the live tweeting of the match last night either from the official TSP twitter account (@saasperspective) or on the Facebook page, you are obviously doing it wrong. Follow and like us dummy. Nevertheless, the SCBGL week 4 action was tweeted on the regular last night as the game progressed. We could only play one game because Cavenra is averaging over 3.375 hours each session. (What?!? Confused whey I went to 3 decimal places? That is how precise we keep track of the game stats. 3 DECIMAL PLACES!)

It was an interesting three hours. Game Owner got the lucrative starting player allowing him to select actions for his dwarfs before others, and he had a plan of attack before people even players showed their hungry faces (We are always hungry. It is becoming a recurring theme during league night and it potentially is having serious consequences in the players’ mental capacity to keep up even with their turn! COME ON PEOPLE! TURN ORDER ISN’T A HARD CONCEPT TO GRASP! The hunger epidemic needs to be seriously examined.) So not only does he own the game and have significant game experience, he also goes first! I smell fucking collusion! And who goes second? Turn-skipper, that’s who. And guess what he did during his free time that morning. He looked up strong playing strategies using the office room and state parlor. So here we have the two best Cavenra players going 1st and 2nd who already have plans. There was no way I or Not MJ could make a serious run for a win in this game.

The game went something like this for three hours. Game owner: Ore! Weapons! Explorations! Build! Reproduce! Make Beer! Collect Gold! Win! Turn-skipper: Build office room! Overhang every ‘twin’ tile! Collect Gold! Build! Reproduce! Try to win and come up much farther behind than originally thought! Not MJ: Complain about going last 75% of the time (he took starting player on the first round, and the last round). Make dumb move. Make another dumb move. Scramble to recover! Complain about going last some more! Become a shepherd. Finish last with his worst game of Cavenra. Then myself: Not have any strategy. Take first player in round 2 because I hate going last and fuck Not MJ. Become self-sustaining. Still not have a viable strategy. Build. Reproduce. Build some more. Notice, I can’t win. New objective. Beat Not MJ. Find an okay strategy. Collect stone and gold! Finish third with my best game ever of Cavenra, and then immediately start thinking about how to beat Game Owner.

Week 4 results and current league standings.

The Game

Player Name Total Points Place Farm Animals and Dogs (+1) Missing Farm Animals (-2) Grain (+1/2) rounded up Vegetable (+1) Ruby (+1) Dwarf (+1) Unused Space (-1) Furnished tiles, Pastures, Mines Parlors, Storages, Chambers Gold Coins and Begging Markers
Game Owner 111 1 10 0 4 0 0 5 0 25 41 26
Turn Skipper 99 2 16 0 3 2 0 6 -1 31 16 26
Saasation 89 3 16 0 3 5 1 4 0 39 13 8
Not MJ 68 4 23 0 0 0 0 3 0 27 15 0

Current Standings

Player ID Player Games Played Wins 2nd 3rd 4th DNP Win % Overall Rank
00003 Game Owner 6 3 2 0 1 0 50% 25.00 1
00002 Not MJ 6 2 1 2 1 0 33% 22.00 2
00001 Turn Skipper 6 0 4 1 1 0 0% 21.00 3
00004 Saasation 6 1 0 4 1 0 17% 19.00 4
00005 No-Show 0 0 0 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 0.00 5


SCBGL news:

Scoring is still a heated debated. I believe I am starting to convince others that finishing worse than 4th getting no league points is the best approach because of the interesting dynamic it creates in the league and how people will play the games. Casual board gaming is very much different than competitive board gaming, and by creating a vacuum of points; players will have to become more aggressive and take greater risks. Therefore, the games become much more interesting to play and even watch when not participating.

There is a growing sense that Boss Monster might be removed from the official league game roster.

Also, the league is thinking about expanding to 9 players after the initial season. That gives enough members to fill every current role, and force the league to operate on a much more organized level. Currently, we have three people expected to join the league. My nicknames for them will be ‘Theatre Man’, ‘The Professor of Art’, and ‘Montani semper liberi’.

Lastly, With the help of The Professor of Art and Montani semper liberi, both Game Owner and Not MJ learned this past weekend how to play Game of Thrones the board game. I obviously won. BOOM!

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