SCBGL: Conference Re-Alignments and League Expansion


I was hoping to get a post on the website last week about the second week of SCBGL, but due to weather and travel plans, and overall business, I did not have an opportunity to talk about the outrageous game of Smallworld last week between every one but ‘No-Show’ who, you guessed it, was not there. To be fair to him, he is is out of the country. That is an excuse I can’t belittle. Nevertheless, a quick recall of that game is needed.


Week 2 Recap:

A four person game of Smallworld ended up being more like two players chasing a single target involving a short and shaky alliance, some strange race combinations, and a terrible beginning race that probably cost a player from even competing. To ruin all the apprehension and anxiety, Not MJ won a game that ended up scoring closer than what it actually felt. The player that basically had no chance and lost by a total of 38 points! was the one and only, me.

Yep, I didn’t play well. Unfortunately, I had to go last and it forced my hand on the race and trait combination because the first race to chosen by me was the Cursed White ladies. What that means is that I had a total of 4 white ladies, but I got a total of 6 coins because it cost players 3 coins instead of 1 to pass the race up when selecting. So I took those 4 tokens, captured what I could with them, and the very next turn put them into decline. Sigh… It didn’t work out very well. Lesson here is that avoided the cursed white ladies until you can earn a significant amount from selection them. 6 gold is crap, especially when others are earning 10 to 12 gold that round. I thought I could turn around with a quick decline and make up ground by being on my next race by round 3. Taking wealthy gypsies as that race was the downfall of any hope of making progress. Experimenting with different race types and traits in an official league game is a bad idea.

Now for the other three: Not MJ, Turn-skipper, and Game Owner had a solid game. Not MJ and Turn-skipper made an alliance prior to playing. Well that lasted a total of 1 round. Not MJ, noticed quickly, that he had to take spaces from Turn-skipper early in order to maintain a strong presence in his corner of the world. Not MJ, played like MJ. He possessed a rare need to be super aggressive and felt like everyone was doubting him. To be completely honest, yes we do doubt him. That was a mistake. Through good race/trait combinations and an aggressive approach to the game, Not MJ easily won with a total of 94 points, followed by Game Owner with 87 points, and Turn-skipper with 84 points. I will let you do the math to determine what I scored.


Week 3 Recap:

Last night was Week 3 of the league, but we actually got to play three games: 2 games of Dominion (we added it last week after a few practice rounds for teaching the newbs) and an good old fashion game of Settlers of Catan, putting official league game roster up to five! FIVE! The league is moving so fast! AHHHH! I might have to consult Adam Silver with assistance in understanding TV markets, team market values, growing the league and maintain a certain level of quality in our product. People might suggest Roger Goodell, but we here at SCBGL believe our players should behavior in a legally and ethically acceptable behavior. (#RayRice #SorryNotSorry). This whole process feels overwhelming at times. The league is starting to take shape in more than just some guys coming together weekly to play board games. We are organizing ourselves by creating committees and roles, defining words and seasons, what qualifies as a league game. It is all coming together too quickly! (Or I am just exaggerating the insanity to build additional interest. I’ll leave that judgement to your.). Nevertheless, let us talk about the games that were actually played!

League Game 3 (Dominion):

Dominion is a game I of which I am indifferent. It is a different style a game using deck building mechanics to create decks to buy points, but points clog up your deck which hinder you from buying more points. Honestly, I am indifferent because I am an average Dominion player. Occasionally I can develop a solid strategy have get a win, but for the most part I am just wanting more cards which is never a good thing.

The first game had cards that allowed for trashing and upgrading cards, therefore allowing players to keep a small deck size and earn lots of coins to buy those precious points. Not MJ did it again. He has a natural understanding of the mechanics and earned a whopping 39 points by claiming 5 Providence cards! Game-Owner came in a solid second with 28 points. I came 3rd with an average game of 21 points, and finally Turn-Skipper (who did try to skip turns in this game. I seriously don’t understand how this keeps happening.) came in last with a terrible 11 points.

Not MJ (If he keeps this intensity and winning streak up, I might change his name to MJ with his clutch ‘Game 6’ game playing) won with the Bureaucrat card that allowed him to get a free silver and for his opponents to put a victory point card back on the top of their deck. That is something MJ would do, not only making plays, but ruining his opponents in the process. With the assistance of the Mine Card, he went quickly through his deck and had plenty of coins to buy up victory points. DAMN YOU NOT MJ!

The rest of us were just fodder.

League Game 4 (Dominion):

Because Dominion is a quick game, we jumped on to play another game. This set of cards was drastically different. It was more focused on interaction with other players and creating nice combinations with cards to get that gold! Not MJ wasn’t prepared for that style of game play. He finished tied for last with…wait for it, me. I haven’t started off well in the league. Game Owner had a good combination of cards with Festivals and Moats that gave him more cards and more actions, allowing him to race through his deck nearly every turn, and allow for greater buying power. He won with 27 points. Turn-skipper quickly came in second with a slightly better game than before scoring 18 points. Not MJ and I finished with a miserable total of 15 points. While I finished behind Turn-skipper, I am averaging 3 more victory points per game than him. I claim that as being better than someone in Dominion.

League Game 5 (Settlers of Catan):

Settlers is a modern day classic game. Most people who play board games on a semi-regular basis have played Settlers of Catan. So having as an original league game naturally makes sense. With four players, and what ended up being a very balanced board arrangement (excluding both 8’s and a 6 were located on grain tiles), the game was heavily contested.

Turn-skipper and I were quickly having a territory war with our roads and settlements, and while Turn-skipper won both major battles, I won the war. Game Owner had a nice initial setup with a settlement on two grain titles and having the grain point. I probably had the next best setup by diversifying not only my resources, but the number I had access for gathering resources.

Longest road was tossed around early. Not MJ was quickly cornered into a terrible situation by being surrounded by the quick expansion of Turn-skipper and Game Owner. I quietly took control of one side of the board. Not MJ knew he was not in a viable winning option, so he went with a heavy development card attack.

About midway through the game, Game owner took a bold and aggressive move to claim both longest road and largest army in the same turn putting him with 9 victory points and within grasp of victory, but as anyone who has ever played Settlers knows, everyone will try to prevent you from winning. So in a combination of a thief being moved, and certain resources popping up, within two rounds, Turn-skipper took longest road and Not MJ claimed largest army, leaving Game Owner with 5 points. He would never claim another point the rest of the game.

What was overlooked during this was me. I was quietly building cities and expanding my empire, and eventurally was connected to all 10 available numbers (2-12 minus the 7 which is the thief), and I had a 3:1 port. So now I was getting resources every turn, and had my own trading partner with my port. With some development cards and good bartering techniques, I earned my first victory in the league without having the longest road and largest army.

Now for a quick Kayne/Jay Z song.

So here are the current standings.

Player ID Player Games Played Wins 2nd 3rd 4th DNP Win % Overall Rank
00001 Turn-Skipper 5 0 3 1 1 0 0% 17.00 3
00002 Not MJ 5 2 1 2 0 0 40% 20.00 1
00003 Game Owner 5 2 2 0 1 0 40% 20.00 1
00004 Saasation 5 1 0 3 1 0 20% 16.00 4
00005 No-Show 0 0 0 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 0.00 5


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