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The SCBGL ….the beginning of something great!

Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain

For the long time listeners of The Saas Perspective Podcast, you should recall that both Don and I are rather big stat nerds. There is something that is just super fascinating about diving in the raw data and finding trends, and discovering slight differences in a data set that could easily be used to change how we perceive something. The sense of wonder and enthrallment of data diving gets me going (on a different note, it is also super scary to think we are basically now just a data point on someone’s spreadsheet).

Also for long time visitors to the site, you are aware for my love of board games, and the occasional game review I will post. Nothing compares to sitting down at a table with other fellow real-life humans to play a game that challenges my critical thinking, planning, and interpersonal skills. I get to socialize, hang with friends, challenge my mind, and most of all think about how I can break the rules of the game. True gamers understand that last statement.

So, recently I, along some friends, decided to take our regular weekly game night, and join the idea of board games and stats by creating a board game league! That is right! We are making our casual game night into a highly competitive league where stats and records will be kept! Is your mind blown? Are you jumping around with excitement with all the possibilities going through your head? If you’re not, just stop reading. Seriously, save your time, this article is not for you.

Therefore, I like to introduce you to the Star City Board Game League (or from here on out, SCBGL)!

The SCBGL is currently still in its infancy with only 5 members (really 4, the fifth is off traveling and has never made it the weekly game night). For now, this is a good size as the league is still in the works. The league charter is in development. Stat tracking is constantly adapting, and the official game roster is still in flux. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks, most of this will be worked out and the league will continue to grow.

Now, as the resident TSP board gaming expect, for whatever that means, I plan on using this a medium to showcase the league, display results, and to use as a soundboard with the readers to help develop the league into something great.

General SCBGL Run Down

Overall league results are done using a point system. 1st place gets 5 point. 2nd gets 4 points. 3rd gets 3 points, and 4th gets 2 points. If the game has more 4 players, only 4 players earn points. Basically, if you don’t place (1 thru 4), you don’t earn points. After a number of games (this has yet been determine), the player with the most points after applying the ‘play factor’ will win the league. The play factor is just the ratio of games you actually played versus games you were expected to play. This factor can only hurt the league members. Because board games involve multiple people, the factor is designed to prevent members from not showing up when they have committed to play the game. No one wants to set up a game for four players and not have the 4th player show. It ruins the whole game. People strategies have to adapt. Nothing good will come from it.

Currently there are 4 officially league sanction games: Settlers of Catan, Caverna, Smallworld, Boss Monster. We are hoping to add more in the near future.

For the privacy of the members, I will be referring to them by nicknames, given by me. There is ‘Turn-Skipper’ (The guy is notorious for going out of turn. Dude…pay attention, please.), ‘Not Michael Jordan’, ‘Game Owner’ (He owns 3 of the 4 league games), Saasation (obviously that me), and ‘No-show’ (he’s the one who hasn’t shown yet.).

And finally we have had one official league game in the books, a 4 player game of Caverna, and the results are as followed.


Player Total Points Place
Turn-Skipper 98 2
Not Michael Jordan 79 3
Game Owner 102 1
Saasation 79 3


And the overall league results


Player Games Played Wins 2nd 3rd 4th DNP Win % Overall Rank
Turn-Skipper 1 0 1 0 0 0 0% 4.00 2
Not Michael Jordan 1 0 0 1 0 0 0% 3.00 3.5
Game Owner 1 1 0 0 0 0 100% 5.00 1
Saasation 1 0 0 1 0 0 0% 3.00 3.5
No-Show 0 0 0 0 0 0 #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0!



Unfortunately, I don’t have any quality game notes of this game to give a good narrative of what happened during the game, but as you can tell from the game results, it was a two player race. Other things of note, No-Show is already trying to break the system with an outrageous rank of #DIV/0! What type of shenanigans is that!?!?

Hopefully, next time I will be able to give a more in depth result of the SCBGL with better stats, and an actual game narrative. Also, if you are fascinated by this league and have useful insights, let us know here at The Saas Perspective! Eventually, we will open up the league to more players and have a greater swath of information and entertainment! Till then, keep playing board games!

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